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There is nothing more important than your family. At LJ Law we offer help with all your family law concerns. Some of our services are explained below.

Prenuptial  agreements and postnuptial agreements

We can draft, review and finalize a prenuptial agreement or postnuptial agreement which allows you to decide how to split assets and debts  and obtain a beneficial visitation and custody schedule after the marriage is no longer viable.


If you are considering a divorce, contact us to learn more about the process, including the grounds for divorce, the division of marital property (equitable distribution), and the collaborative divorce alternatives. Our experience includes default petitions, joint petitions, and contested divorces. LJ Law works to provide you the best result possible when the marriage is beyond repair.


Nevada allows you the alternative of  an annulment instead of a divorce. The annulment gives the parties the opportunity to dissolve the marriage as if it never happened. However, with an annulment instead of a divorce, the parties  may lose the rights to certain divorce benefits like alimony, insurance or tax benefits.  LJ Law will provide you guidance and file your annulment documents.

Name changes

Names changes are normally associated with marriage, divorce, adoption or other personal reasons. LJ Law can help you with the name change process and court appearance if required.


When a couple separates or when parties divorce, the court can order the spouse who makes more money to pay a specified amount of money to his or her spouse. This is called spousal maintenance, or alimony.  LJ Law can help to ensure you get what you deserve or that you do not pay more than is required.

Alimony is not awarded in every divorce or separation. The amount and duration of these payments can vary and changes to either party’s circumstances can result in changes to the payments.   We will work to help you obtain the best alimony award possible.

Child Custody and Visitation

When handling child custody and visitation issues the court uses a best interest of the child standard. We can help you to obtain your preferred custody and visitation arrangement.  As your family law attorney we are your advocate. LJ Law works to protect your rights, your children’s rights and your family’s rights.

Child custody encompasses both physical and legal custody of a child. Physical custody of a child refers to the parent with whom the child will primarily reside. The court may decide that both parents should share physical custody of the child.  Legal custody allows one or both parents to have the right to make legal decisions for the child.

Your children may have a tough time understanding that their parents are no longer together, which is why you need experienced child custody attorneys who can create the best environment possible for your children.

Child support

In Nevada child support is governed by statute. We will work to ensure your family and children are provided for in accordance with the statute.The Nevada child support formula is set forth in NRS 125B.070. A parent’s child support obligation is based on a  percent of his or her gross monthly income (18% for one child, 25% for two children, 29% for three children, 31% for four children, and 2% for each additional child above four children). These amounts may be “offset” depending on the custody arrangement and the income of each parent.


LJ Law will help you to collect on the support money due and motion the court to order enforcement when the other party fails to pay support or when your parenting rights are being denied.


Nevada allows the parties to modify the child support order every three years or sooner if there has been a substantial change in circumstances. Usually a substantial change is a pay increase or decrease which amounts to more than a 20% change in income.  LJ Law will help you achieve a modification of the support order.


We can help you with your guardianship petition. A guardian is required to provide all of the child’s basic needs, however, the biological parents may still be financially responsible for the child.

Other types of guardianship include a Guardian Ad Litem. This person is given legal authority  to care for and make decision for another person and their property. Guardians Ad Litem are usually appointed when the person is unable to care for themselves or their interest.  LJ Law can help in having a guardian  appointed or revoke a guardianship order.

Domesticating a Judgment

When a judgment or order is obtained in another jurisdiction, you need the court to domesticate your judgment to make it enforceable in your current state. Uniform Interstate Family Support Act (UIFSA) governs the establishment and enforcement of child support orders when the parents live in different states. LJ Law will help you navigate UIFSA and help you enforce your support order in your new state.


The relocation of one parent to a different state or country can make the parenting plan and custody and visitation agreements difficult or impossible to enforce.  LJ Law can help you obtain a modification of your custody agreement  or help you to craft a new workable agreement.


As a father, it is vital that you establish paternity. Only then will you have parental rights to custody, visitation, and support. Our firm can help you establish paternity and fight for your fathers’ rights in divorce.

As a mother, if the child’s paternity is challenged,  you would need to demonstrate the father’s paternity before you are able to collect child support.  LJ Law can help either party establish or challenge paternity.

Domestic partnership

Provides the same rights, protections, and privileges as a marriage.  We offer help in obtaining a domestic partnership or dissolving the partnership. The same laws that govern divorces also govern the dissolution of a domestic partnership.


LJ law is pleased to represent and help adoptive parents navigate the adoption process. We understand that this is an exciting time for your family and share this excitement as you anticipate welcoming a new family member into your home. We recommend that adoptive parents speak with one of our attorneys about the legalities of the adoption process.

There are several types of adoption all of which result in an adoptive party become the legal parent of the adoptee. Types of adoption can include, agency adoption, independent or private adoption, relative adoption and international adoption.

An adoption of a child occurs when a person other than a child’s biological parent assumes the legal rights and responsibilities for the care and support of the child. The biological parent’s rights must be terminated before the child can be adopted.

Termination of Parental Rights

A termination of parental rights is tantamount to declaring that child free from the custody and control of either or both of his parents. In all such actions, the best interests of the child  and parental fault are considered by the court.

After an order terminating the parental rights the parent no longer has rights or responsibilities for that child.  While a parent can choose to relinquish parental rights, a parent cannot voluntarily terminate his parental rights and obligations unless a court deems it to be in the child’s best interests.

In Nevada a parent faced with termination of their parental rights needs an attorney. At LJ Law we can help defend  against the termination or initiate a termination suit.



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